Research University Presentation in Chile in Spanish

Current Research Absorption and Children 

Kim Russell Interview on Reserach Results and Protocols for Children 

Upcoming Research - Nutrition Absorption, Magic of Horses & Veterans/Civil Service Families

Journal of Nutrition

Morning Glory Ranch recognizes that Nutrition is the key to how well our clients and families will progress in any given wellness modality.  From equine assisted therapies, to chiropractics, to Occupational/Physical therapy, to massage, speech and communication, to behavior control, mental health and more.  Our cells ability to communicate and create energy is what determines our quality of life, and according to the NIH, directly proportional to how long you will live.  Our focus with all research is to integrate measurable wellness solutions so that they are effective and efficient, and are actually implementable in peoples lives. We have partnered with world renounded EthnoBotonists from the Institute of EthnoMedicine, geneticists from LifeGen Technologies, over 75 scientists from NSE, and many distinguisted physicians/surgeons from around the world.  We are using plant extracts that express genes using ageLOC technology that regulates mitochondria function as well as systemically regulating the bodies defense mechanisms.

AND WE EMPOWER FAMILIES with the  Raman Resonance Specscopy (RRS).

DOWNLOAD Oncology Surgeon Dr. Owen Winsett, MD Founder of the Breast Cancer Center of Texas on ageLOC YOUTH 

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Mitochondria, Nutrition & Immunoexcitotoxicity 

Minding Your Mitochondria

Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria - TED - Documentary

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Our genetic scientist & technology is now on the World Stage with The Discovery Channel:


IMPORTANCE of supplimenting Twice Daily

A talk on Disease & Mitochondria Dysfunction & Inflamation